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The Southern Comfort Difference

Southern Comfort offers better products, prices and services simply because we have a lot less overhead than the large companies.  Southern Comfort is able to guarantee all work or will give you your money back.   Southern Comfort is also able to offer what most other companies cannot:  a personalized relationship between the client and the HVAC license holder himself, who has proven to the state and other government agencies that he is both competent and ethical.  I have worked for large AC companies and know how they operate.  Frankly I don’t like the lack of relationship with their clients.  Ever felt more like a number than a client?  Many customers do not realize that in most cases it is not the actual HVAC license holder who comes to their house to diagnose and repair their air conditioning and heating concerns.  These ‘technicians’ may or may not be properly trained or licensed or competent to truly give an HVAC system a proper diagnostic assessment and or repair.  In all repairs and installations, I pledge to abide by the standards set forth by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), International Mechanical Code, Texas Boiler Law, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 






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