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Protect your Assets

How?  Three simple steps:

  1. Get an accurate load calculation of your home. What size of equipment do I need?
  2. Invest in high efficient equipment: up to 23 seer equipment is available now -  Tomorrow’s technology at today’s prices 
  3. Choose a knowledgeable contractor that can integrate a new system into your house and make any adjustments to air distribution needed to accommodate the equipment and home owner.  Air Conditioning equipment comes in a box.  Unless it is designed and installed correctly, it is destined to be an inefficient costly appliance.  Even if the equipment is new, the homeowner will end up losing money due to that system’s inefficient use of energy which results in higher-than-necessary utility bills.  

Have a Load Calculation completed in order to create an HVAC system that is tailored to your house and your comfort needs for only $275!  (for a single story)





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